berati quartet


Berati Quartet is born in February 2015 thanks to the Albanian clarinettist Artur Nallbani’s enthusiastic research, who founds and arranges a wide repertory of Albania’s musical tradition.

During a Berati Quartet’s concert, the public is lead into a literal journey through every region of Albania, from North to South, passing through the Berat’s great tradition, nowadays proclaimed UNESCO heritage.

Originally conceived for marriages, the pieces offered are sometimes fast dance rhythms, sometimes heart rending accompanied melodies, always characterized by the presence of the improvisation, that allows musicians to interact with each other a different way every time.

Albanian music is one of the most complex and fascinating traditions present in the Balkan area; Berati Quartet and few other formations propose this repertory in Italy, strengthening the connexion which culturally and historically joins the two countries long time ago.

The Quartet’s concerts are often an occasion for meeting and sharing with the Albanian communities set in Italy, formed by Albanian citizens who now live in Italy and by Italian citizens who are interested in knowing this marvellous culture.


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